Oracle Assessments

Oracle Assessments

Blaze IT Solutions’ Oracle Assessment Service is tailored to your organization’s needs and requirements. We work with you to assess the impact and cost related to upgrading your Oracle system from 11.5.10 to Release 12.

We have designed surveys and deliverables to help you prepare for the future direction of the Oracle product line, outline a budget, review new functionality and determine time constraints. This assessment also helps align upgrade plans with each organization’s specific goals and objectives.

Assessment Deliverables include:

  • Budget and resourcing review and guidance
  • Delta and future Oracle direction overview
  • Review of technical infrastructure
  • Review affected business processes and procedures
  • Personalized upgrade roadmap
  • Identification of upgrade business drivers, objectives, and success factors

Oracle Assessment Includes

  • Facilitating executive support and identifying other stakeholders
  • Identifying and mutually agreeing upon business process scope
  • Establishing project assumptions and constraints and obtaining sign off
  • Understanding various upgrade paths and factors influencing timeline
  • Quantifying potential resource responsibilities and process impacts
  • Documenting project risks and reviewing mitigation strategies
  • Identifying key upgrade project milestones

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